Compex: Hey Miguel, it's great to see you! Please could you tell the Compex audience a bit about yourself? What's your background?

Miguel: I’m Miguel Netto from Cape Town South Africa. Born in Johannesburg but have grown up in Hermanus, Cape Town for majority of my life. I studied Sports Science at the University of Stellenbosch. I now reside and work in Cape Town as a freelance Marketing & Brand Manager and part-time triathlete. I am also a triathlon and running coach for MyTrainingDay. I really enjoy using my expertise and experience to help others reach their triathlon and running dreams and goals.

 I have always had a huge passion for sport, exercise, nutrition and the human body. I have been very active all my life and always loved new challenges and seeing how far I can push my body. I live a very balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Compex: That's great. How did you get into it?

Miguel: I come from a long distance running background, so naturally this is my strength and advantage in my triathlon racing. Highlights in my career to date include competing three Comrades Marathons and numerous marathons and ultra-marathons.

Having always been a runner, I used to follow IronMan endurance racing but it was in 2011 that I made the decision to get into triathlon and I do my first IronMan. This is really when my endurance career started and I haven’t looked back since.

I set out in triathlon with the goal of fulfilling a dream of qualifying for the IronMan World Championships, in Kona. I achieved this dream in April this year at Ironman South Africa, and will be racing Kona on 12 October 2019. Following this, I am shifting my focus to Comrades 2020, where I will be attempting to run a silver medal.

Compex: Wow, it sounds like an amazing experience! You are obiously an amazing athlete. How did you come across Compex and how does it benefit you?

Miguel: Compex is a huge part of my training. It’s the secret to my recovery and strength training. Endurance racing involves many hours of strenuous training and racing volumes on the body and this naturally takes its toll on the body, so having a partner like Compex, really aids me in muscle activation, recovery, and strength. Apart from being really easy to use, its perfect for travelling with for races and training camps, to aid in preparation and recovery.

Since I have started using Compex, it has contributed to my strength training, especially in the development of strength on the bike and run.

 Another great feature of the device is the injury rehab programs. Over the years I have had a few minor niggles which I have used Compex to help prevent and cure the injuries.

 I make use of my Compex about four to five times weekly. I tend to alternate between the strength and 'reduce muscle soreness' settings, with the latter helping to flush out any lactic acid build up after strenuous training sessions.  

Compex: Good to hear! Which programme/s do you use?

Miguel: Triathlon and IronMan training specifically, obviously entails having to train numerous disciplines - swim, bike and run whilst also including strength training to, so depending which sporting disciplines I have trained or raced along with the intensity of the sessions, determines which of program I use and on what muscle groups I use it on. I make very regular use of the recovery programs with the large volumes of hours I put into training and the effect it has on my body. I also really see massive benefits making use of the strength programs. To treat myself, the relaxing massage is always a winner!

Compex: Any last words you would like the audience to know?

If you’re serious about your overall fitness, recovery and looking after your body, then I can without any hesitation recommend Compex. Who wouldn’t want to recover faster and better whilst also getting the advantage of being able to train harder to get stronger – Well Compex provides exactly this!

Compex has given me everything I need to recover after training allowing a much faster recovery, and my injuries have decreased since the vast majority of my injuries came as a result of not doing adequate recovery stretching.

I really am proud to be part of this incredible brand and team!

Compex: That's awesome. Thanks so much, Miguel! We wish you everything of the best and hope to chat again soon.