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Landie Greyling

Landie Greyling

When did you start doing trail running?

I ran my first trail run in 2009, but only started competing in 2011


Where you always into endurance sport and why did you choose trail running?

I spent most of my childhood exploring the outdoors on my parent’s farm just outside Cullinan, near Pretoria, South Africa. This is where I developed my passion for nature & the outdoors. I also showed a natural talent for endurance events such as cross country at the age of 9.


Where does your mind go when you are doing a long distance (100km etc) run?

I focus on all my hours training in and out of the mountains, I remember special times with friends and family, and sometimes you can’t seem to think of anything, you literally just focus on putting one step in front of the other.


Which is your favorite trail you will always go back to?

Grootvadersbosch trails near Swellendam, South Africa.


Can you share some of your training tips to perform better?

  • Strength training with Runstrong coach Ronel Natrass
  • Speed & Hill sessions varied with easier runs
  • Sufficient recovery including massages sessions at EPT recovery, seeing my chiro Dr Jacques Breitenbach, using my Compex and applying my Activpatch4u to the relevant trigger points
  • Pilates & core exercises


What advantages or benefits has the COMPEX brought to your performance?

More efficient recovery, strength and core training 

What are your preferred programmes and when do you use them?

Training Recovery – after races and hard training sessions


Would you say Compex has become a crucial part of your everyday training and recovery?

Definitely. It is vital for more efficient performance and recovery.


What is your ultimate goal in your career?

To be recognized as one of the top international female trail runners and to inspire others to follow their dreams


Would you mind sharing a personal thought you live by, which keeps you going ?
The best advice I received from my Dad was: “If you ask: “God, why me?” about the disappointments in life, then you should also ask: “God, why me?” about the successes in your life.”


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